Anagnorisis is:

Zak Denham
Zachary Kerr
Samuel Hartman
Josh Mumford


Guitars, keyboards, synthesizer, and programming by Zak Denham.
All vocals and lyrics by Zachary Kerr.
Synthesizers, saxophone, and additional programming by Samuel Hartman.
Bass guitar by Josh Mumford.
Organ on Track 6, “Peripeteia” by Jake Denham.


Tape samples courtesy of Stephanie Kerr.

Tape voices:
Stephanie Kerr
James Kerr
Zachary Kerr
Verna Carlson


Drums recorded at The Tracking Room in Nashville, TN.
All acoustic drums performed by Cody McCoy.
Produced & Engineered by Zak Denham.
Assistant Engineer: Matt Leigh
Drum Technician: Enrique Ferrer
Studio Assistant: Trent Waters


Peripeteia was recorded, produced, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Zak Denham & Anagnorisis.


Graphic design & layout by Ryan Patterson.


Peripeteia is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International.






My family for giving me the tools to express myself through music, allowing me joy and catharsis all these years later.

Chris Mumford and Foster Lucas for your undying loyalty.

Josh Holmes, Thomas Blum, Chris Smith, Darrian Phillips, Blake Weeks, Kat McKyle for always being there.

Dave, Nate and Jon for allowing me to split my time equally with Cryptic Hymn and Anagnorisis and being truly some of the most genuine dudes I’ve had the pleasure of creating with. The best is yet to come.

The Denham family, The Kerr family, Alice Hartman, Emily Reinen, Summer Whalen all for their ongoing love and support of this band and what it stands for.

Cody McCoy for helping make our vision a reality.

Zak, Zach and Sam for taking me on this journey. Your influence, love and support mean more to me than you know. I’m proud to create with you and call you brothers.

Elena for letting me see the world through innocent eyes; Carina for being a light in the darkness and an invaluable partner.

You both mean the world to me.

Every last negative event, force and person that has brought forth the hatred and despair that was put into this record.

“Functionless art is simply tolerated vandalism; we are the vandals.”



My appreciation is with everyone who has given me their attention, love, and support; understood my intention and valued my approach. “Time, which changes people, does not alter the image we have retained of them.” -Proust



Summer Whalen – My wife, best friend and light after all these years. None of this would be possible without your encouragement and support. My family in Anagnorisis – Without this outlet, my existence would be much darker. My mother, Stephanie Kerr – For giving me permission to expose our pasts to the world for the sake of art and therapy and having the foresight to record life in its most innocent form. I hope you understand that expression isn’t always peaceful and I have many miles to go from here. Jeremy Fitzgerald – My brother from different blood. You’ve always pushed me to just be myself and have always believed in me. To the extended families of Anagnorisis, your support and contributions have been the cornerstone of our longevity and I can never express enough gratitude for all you’ve done. My father, James Kerr – Your absence in my life has left an abyss that I’m still sinking to the bottom of. It breaks my heart every time I hear your voice within these songs, but a portal to the past has been created and it feels nice to have a place to meet you in, even if it’s filled with sadness. I miss you and love you.



My sincerest appreciation goes out to my friends, family, teachers, enemies, influences and the nameless natural forces for the inspiration, drive, passion, love, hate, sadness, and desperation I’ve put into this record.



J – The Musician, The Free, The Brother.

S – The Partner, The Brain, The True.

Z – The Voice, The Wise, The Spirit.

E – The Muse, The Lover, The Light.


I am nothing; the music is everything.


Stefan Klose & Vendetta Records, Dave Brenner & Earsplit PR, Matt Leigh & The Tracking Room, The Denham Family, Cody McCoy, Enrique Ferrer, Dan Pfeifer & MTSU-RI Department, Tom is the Bastard & Yehonala Tapes, Jordan Reidinger & Like Young Records, Anthony Leo, Rae Amitay, Douglas Graves, Aaron Cosgrove, Ryan Patterson, and Chuck & Karen at Axis Percussion.